In the production of our products, our environmental policy includes:

  • to comply with applicable environmental law and related legal regulations,
  • to monitor, eliminate, or minimize the environmental effects of our activities,
  • to monitor, environmental effects of our activities,
  • to manage waste resulting from our activities according to related legal regulations,
  • to use environment-friendly packaging materials, and
  • to be open to the public review in environmental issues.

Waste Management

Hazardous and nonhazardous waste from the factory are retained in temporary storage areas and then disposed of by licensed companies.

Waste Water Management

Waste water from production plants is treated in our biological treatment plant with a debit capacity of 15 m3/day. The COD, SS, and pH values are tested regularly by an accredited body.

Air Quality Management

Emissions from the coal-fired fluidized bed boiler in the plant are measured and recorded periodically by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers under TMMOB (Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects). Emissions are kept under the limit specified by the “Regulations on Air Quality Control in Industrial Facilities.”